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BLS (CPR Renewal)

FPMS Time Card

CLE Timecard

ECP How Tos

How to Complete Controlled Substance Count

How to Chart Medications - Previous Day

How to Chart Client Unavailable During Med Pass

How to Chart Medications Missing

2023 Federal Tax Form

Covid 19 Waiver Form

FPMS Policies and Procedures

FPMS Payroll Calendar 2024

Patient Rights - reading material

CNA Renewal

Direct Deposit Form

2023 State    WT-4 Tax Form

HIPAA - reading material

Quartz HMO Benefit Sheet 2023

Quartz Map of Services 2023

Quartz Schedule of Benefits 2023

Notice to Employees About Applying for Unemployment Benefits

CBRF medication Storage Information

Workforce Portal Timesheet Instructions:

Clock in and out Workforce Portal

How to upload a timecard

How to fill out a timecard

How to review open orders

How to request shifts

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