Fast Pace Medical Staffing

Fast Pace Medical Staffing is a staffing agency that provides the right qualified professionals for your organization. We provide qualified medical personnel to service:

     · Skilled Nursing Facilities

     · Assisted Living Homes

     · Hospitals

     · Sub- Acute Facilities

     · Community-Based Residential Facilities

     · Medical Clinics

Our goal is to fill your shifts in a fast paced, professional manner when you need it. To achieve this goal, we have qualified recruitment staff that will find high quality, experienced personnel. 

Our Staff

Fast Pace Medical Staffing Employees are carefully screened for qualifications and backgrounds to ensure the highest quality staff.


Our screen process includes: 


     · Verification of credentials

     · Background check with WI Department of Justice or applicable         state agencies

     · Background check with the Office of the Inspector General                 (OIG)

     · National and State Sex Offender Registry checks

     · Background check with the WI DHS Caregiver Misconduct and           CNA registries

     · Drug screening

     · Free of communicable disease medical clearance


Ongoing quality assurance requirements include: 


     · Annual training to maintain current license/certification

     · HIPAA training

     · Review and update of Employee’s Skills Check off list

     · Review written Job Descriptions for each of assignment